Авто на Прокат Сахалин

г. Южно-Сахалинск
ул. Сельская 74

+7 (4242) 60-01-73
+7 (914) 759-36-88 (МТС)

1. Necessary Documents

For an individuals:

- Passport
- Driver’s license – certified category B

For legal entities:

- RF citizen passport for the person who will drive the car
- Driver’s license – certified category B, for the person who will drive the car
- A copy of the legal entity’s registration certificate
- Copy of the legal entity’s taxation certificate
- A Power of Attorney from the legal entity allowing the authority to sign the car rental agreement and acts of receipt and transfer

2. Limitations

- Driver should be older than 25
- For some categories of cars the renter should be older than 30
- A full driver’s license of not less than 3 years

‘Car-Rental’ company retains the right to refuse rental to anyone without explaining a reason.

3. Conditions of Payment

- Payment will be in roubles
- The cost of rental includes OSAGO and mileage up to 200 km per day; the cost of mileage above this will be 5 0roubles per kilometer
- The renter will have to leave a deposit depending on the category of car




from 5,000 rub
from 5,000 rub
from 7,000 rub
from 20,000 rub
from 15,000 rub

4. Insurance conditions when renting a car

- All cars are insured under civil liability for OSAGO
- Insurance cover will not apply in situations where the car was used on violation of the rental agreement or insurance conditions. Examples of such violations include: the transportation of dangerous and flammable materials, using the car under the influence of alcohol or drugs or the refusal to undergo a test regarding the aforementioned, the usage of the car by people not included in the rental agreement

5. The receipt and return of the car

- The receipt and return of the car happens during working time from 09.00 to 19.00 at the’ Car-Rental’s’ rental point
- Outside working hours an additional 300 roubles will be charged (upon agreement)
- The car will be transferred to the renter in a clean condition and should be returned in a clean condition with a clean interior. If this is not the case a surcharge of 600 rubles will be rendered
- The car will be returned with the same level of petrol as was received. If this is not the case a surcharge of 50 rubles per litre will be rendered

Extension of rental period

- An extension of the rental agreement will cost 500 ruble and is only possible within the environs of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

6. Usage restrictions on the rental car

- Rental cars are only allowed to travel on concrete roads
- The area of car usage is restricted to Dolinsk in the North; the LNG facility in the South; Ohotskoe in the east and Aniva / Xolmsk in the West (highlighted on the map with a red marker)
- A trip to Poronaisk is possible with a 2000 surcharge and upon agreement with the rental company
- The usage of the rental car as a taxi is forbidden

Car rental driving restrictions

7. Additional services and payments

- An additional surcharge of 200 rubles per day is applicable for each extra driver
- The car will be returned with the same level of petrol as was received. If this is not the case a surcharge of 50 rubles per litre will be rendered
- Surcharge for excessive mileage. The rental charge includes 200 km of mileage. Additional mileage will be charged at 50 rubles per kilometer

Dear Clients – please be advised:

- Company reserves the right to refuse car rental to a potential client without explanation before contract signing (even if there was prior agreements)!!!
- Take advantage of longer term contract rental as it works out cheaper!!!
- We value our customers!!!
- A free transfer to the rental location is provided to those who sign a rental contract longer than 3 days!!!

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