Авто на Прокат Сахалин

г. Южно-Сахалинск
ул. Сельская 74

+7 (4242) 60-01-73
+7 (914) 759-36-88 (МТС)

You are on the right track!!!

Many people can’t imagine life without their car – it is prestige, mobility and comfort. But what can you do if you cannot use your car? Rent a car from ‘Car-Rental’. You will remain mobile when your car is being repaired or undergoing government testing or when you are in another town far from home and your own car. A simple solution is to call ‘Car-Rental’.

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Car Rental Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Tel. 8 (4242) 60-01-73
Car rental under the best conditions!!!

‘Car-Rental’ company offers a full suite of services for renting cars. Fast document processing and cars in excellent technical conditions.

You can be sure that ‘Car-Rental’ will enable you to save time and will allow you to travel comfortably through Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and its environs.

The rental point is in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on 74 Selskaya Street (beside ARMROSS Car centre).


Tel.: 8 (4242) 600-173, (MTS) 8-914-759-36-88

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